We happened upon this ditty Karen Kring composed back in 2005.

“I sent a lot of time working on and writing about the media guide, so eventually rhymes presented themselves,” Karen says.

Back in the day Karen was the new media manager for the Community Media Workshop. She didn’t just do web work. One of her responsibilities included supervising the updating and production of the media guide and promoting it. Now called Getting on Air, Online and Into Print, it remains a reliable resource for connecting with journalists and news outlets and communicating strategically–and good deal–even if prices and its content has changed with the times.2014MG_Front_FINAL

“It wasn’t unusual for people to contact us asking if we knew of such a comprehensive media guide in their town,” Karen says. “I’m still not aware of any.”

Have you some news stories to pitch?
Try Marin, Mitchell,
White, or Helfrich

Porterfield, Grumman,
Washington, Sneed
Workshop’s got the data you need.

Ahern, Corley,
Anderson, Dumont
Contact all the reporters you want

Workin’ for outlets near and far
Times, Post,
Journal, Star

With data that’s
The CD’s price is quite affordable.

Just 99 bucks, we’ve got a book.
Order form’s below, take a look.

Order immediately, now’s the time.
According to Feder, a real gold mine.

This piece certainly reflects how things have changed on Chicago journalism landscape has changed.

Nice job again by LimeRed Studio on the guide’s cover design.

Updated from article first posted July 28, 2009.


Ramon DeLeon. Photo by Karen Kring.

Ramon DeLeon by Karen Kring

Updated September 2014

Karen has blogged about it before: Having a good portrait made of yourself is important no matter what profession you are in or ambitions you have.

First: You never know when the media might call wanting feature you in an article. Check out Fast Company’s piece on Domino’s Ramon DeLeon and the Chicago Reader’s piece by Anne Ford on Chicago’s Leslie Goddard.

You’re doing yourself a favor, and the media outlet, by having a photo on hand. Because deadlines and budgets are tight, editors and producers don’t always have the resources for getting an image made for their stories. But if by chance they are able to assign a photographer to make your picture, there’s no guarantee you’ll like the image.

Broadcasters find portraits useful too. Radio stations have websites that need visuals to accompany their content.

Second: To help maintain or enhance your professional reputation, having a strong, smart online presence is important. If you are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, you’re expected to include a picture of yourself.  You’ll want to use one that communicates the qualities you want the public to know about you. A good portrait of you can be worth more than one thousand words, because few people have time to read a thousand words about you, but a picture can send a message in split second.

Third: While a good portrait is worth a more than a thousand words, what is it worth in dollars?  Priceless? Maybe. Because getting a portrait that works can be pricey, The Kring Group had developed BizPics: Headshots for Business. Professionals are able to get good portraits made at a good price during occasional portrait shoots.

Examples from previous BizPics shoots are on Facebook. The shoots include both studio and environmental portraits, the services of a stylist…and some fun.

Note: Karen originally posted on this topic March 21, 2011.


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